The planning of this day is to visit the city:
We're going to visit the cathedral, the castle, some parks and one literary tour.

First, We are going to visit the Cathedral
external image catedral.jpg
Later, we're going to the parks, for example: St. Stephen's Green
, Iveagh Gardens ( this's an interesting place), Irishtown
Nature Reserve,National Botanic Gardens
and Dublin Mountains.
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After the Literary tour :Walk through the center. The point of this literary tour of Dublin is located at number 35 of Mountjoy Square, where once lived Seán O'Casey and Brendan Behan grew up in nearby San Russell 14. Continue on Gardiner Street, along the route taken by Leopold Bloom in Joyce's Ulysses. Taking a trip down the River Liffey, Abbey St. is where is located the famous Abbey Theatre Stands were presented first major theater since it opened in 1904 with "Playboy of the Western World" by John Millington Synge and Sean O 'Casey. The current building replaced the first theater, which burned in 1951.
And finally we're going to visit the castle.

external image castillo-dublin.jpg

  1. In my opinion, first we'll go to the cathedral, then we will visit the various parks and we'll eat in one. In the afternoon we will go to the literary tour and finally at the castle.