The plan for this day is the DART.

DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit)

DART is the acronym for Dublin Area Rapid Transit. It is light rail linking the city with the population around Dublin Bay. Transportation is a very comfortable, very reliable and cheap. A good way to reach from the downtown stations as Tara, Pearse or Connolly Station to charming places like Howth and Malahide in North or South Bray and Killiney, where he has his house, mansion Bono, Irish singer of U2. It is perfect for those trips to these sites, and that you stand there 20-30 minutes from downtown, avoiding traffic and also has the prize of good views.

Contact DART on 353 (0)1 7033504


Which operates Monday to Saturday (06.30-24.00) and Sunday (09.30-23.00).

Rates vary depending on the routes.

Lowest price is 1.30 € and can buy tickets from any DART station and 35 Lower Abbey Street.

Dart has stations in:

In this direction, has the characteristics of each, with shops, stalls, tickets ...

This is the journey that makes;

I read some blogs, and apparently, the Dart is cheap and convenient. So guys, the adventure! ;)

I have also found different routes, and proposals.

Caesar Salad.

There are the ingredients:external image IMG_4152.JPG

* 1 egg

* 1 Caesar sauce (optional)

* 1 pinch salt

* 1pinch pepper

* 1/3 cup oil

* 1 large lettuce

* 1/3 cup cheese

* 1 crispy chiken

* 1/2 crispy onion


Cut up and mix ingredients



What could we do in the afternoon?

At night, we could go to a bar! Any of them! At first, I didn't like the idea of traditional music, but at least, I don't care about it...


24 eggs
1 package of salt
1 can of pepper
4 lettuces
1 package of cheese
2 trays of chicken breasts (24 chicken breasts)
1 onion