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This day, we'll visit places Dublin like:

GRAFTON STREET: Grafton Street, located between Trinity College and St Stephen's Green, is a shopping area.
There, we can find stores such as Brown Thomas, Weirs, The Dublin Bookshop, and the most popular of the famous Bewley's Cafés.
Other principal shopping streets in the area include Wicklow Street, Dawson Street, and South Great Georges Street.
The nearby Powerscourt Towncentre is one of the nicer, albeit small, shopping centres in the city.
Also close by is The Georges Street Arcade, an indoor market that opens from 09.00am to 06.00pm, everyday of the week.
We can find a McDonald's restaurant to go eating, too.

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O'CONNELL STREET: O'Connell Street is Dublin's main thoroughfare, one of Europe's widest streets. It's full of fast food restaurants, shops, cinemas and monuments. It starts in the O'Connell Bridge, and crosses the river Liffey. It's also conected with Henry Street or Parnell Street.

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- Meeting House Square: is known for its best of Irish home-made organic food, restaurants, cinema, Gallery of Photography and the National Photographic Archive. Temple Bar Cultural Trus


- St. Stephen's Green: is a city centre public park in Dublin.

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Cineworld in Parnell Street, apart from having 17 rooms That if you do discount on tickets to students. On Saturday morning usually subtitled movies and all foreign films (sometimes some Spanish, too) are subtitled.