suitcase.jpg suitcase2.jpg
When you’ve even started to think about the suitcase, you must have keep in mind, the weather, the weight limit, and days we will be.
The weather in Dublin is variable.Dublin-bridge.jpg
We went in April and it was rainy and cold most days, you need to take an umbrella or a light raincoat.raincoat.jpg
You need warm clothing, like jacket, cardigans, long pants, warm coat.
coat.jpg coat2.jpg
The shoes should be comfortable, like trainers.
In the sponge bag, you can take toothbrush, a brush for hair, rubber bans for hair, sponge, towel , shampoo, if you like you can take make- up and little hairdryer hairdryer.png and iron flat for travel , you be careful with the weight limits.bag.jpg
money.jpgIn a pocket special, you can take passport or DNI , and money .
It’s good if you wear a lock for your suitcase.lock.jpg